Individual Therapy for Adults and Adolescents

Seeking a strengths-based approach to creating a more purposeful life

Experience more confidence in yourself and more clarity about your identity, values and life goals.

It’s not uncommon to feel unhappy every so often; to be unfulfilled or lost, unsure of the direction your life is headed.

This can be due to growing pains, big life changes or transitions (like losing a loved one, getting married, entering retirement, or coming out) or by disruptions in an important relationship, your health, or your school or work life. Other times you may not know or understand why you’ve been feeling a bit depressed or anxious, or acting in ways you don’t understand – there may not be a specific cause you can identify.

Whether you know what’s troubling you or need support to figure it out (or maybe both!), I’m here to help.

Adults may be struggling with

Adolescents may be struggling with

I guide and support individuals who are ready to put in the work to live a happier, more meaningful life.

Whether you have specific, short-term goals that you’d like help achieving, or you’re ready for a deeper exploration of long-standing patterns that have become problematic, we’ll work together to develop a clear path forward.

My approach always takes into account how to help you derive strength and support from sustaining relationships in your life, and also how to rely on a strong sense of self-worth and self-compassion for facing challenges and achieving your goals.

When working with teens, I stay in close communication with parents/caregivers and work collaboratively to help your child feel safe, supported, and strong.

Ready to better understand your emotions and needs so you can live a more intentional, more balanced life?