Appointments, Fees, and Forms


When you first call, we will speak on the phone for an initial phone consultation, free of charge. This 10-15 minute conversation allows you to share a summary of your concerns and your reasons for seeking therapy (for yourself or your child), and allows me to ask pertinent questions to determine if I am the right person to help you.

Our first scheduled appointment is usually considered an initial consultation without obligation, in that it gives us a chance to meet in person and get to know each other a bit, discuss your concerns and goals, and determine how to best proceed.

If you are bringing an adolescent to see me, we can discuss during the initial phone consultation how you would like to present the idea of therapy to your child/teen. Often I will meet with the parents of a younger teen before meeting with the teen. This meeting allows the adults to meet, discuss how best to work together, and to gather important history and other helpful information before I meet the child. With older teens, because of their need to feel independent and have their privacy protected, I will often meet with the teen first and the parents soon after.

If we decide to continue together, we will try to set a regular time for your weekly appointments. At times, other meeting frequencies — either more or less often than weekly — are appropriate. We will discuss this during our first several meetings.

To schedule an initial appointment or discuss your concerns, please contact me via phone or email. I do my best to return calls and emails within two business days.


My practice is fee for service and payment is due at the time of service. I am not a provider on any insurance plans. If you have an insurance plan that offers “out of network coverage” (usually a PPO plan), you may be able to submit the bill I will give you for partial reimbursement. It is wise to check with your insurance before we meet to see what type of reimbursement you can expect. You can also ask if your plan covers Telehealth services (most do, especially during a public health crisis). I can suggest some helpful questions to ask your insurance carrier if you plan to call. Also, if you have a Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account, your expenses for therapy may be eligible for reimbursement through that account. Again, check with your account representative for full details.


Once you have scheduled an initial meeting with me, please download, read and complete the following forms: (1) Psychotherapy Agreement and (2) the Client Information Form. Choose the appropriate version – Adult, Child/Adolescent, or Couple. (If you are coming for Family Therapy, Parent Coaching, or Co-parenting, use the Couple version). (3) Consent to Telehealth Services, if applicable.