Family Business and Business Partnerships

High emotion. Complicated relationships. Weighty choices.

More than three-fourths of all new business ventures established in the U.S. are founded with the significant involvement of family members in the business.

That’s a lot of family members bringing their personal relationships into work with each other. Even unrelated business partners can feel family-like friction, as business partners spend so many waking moments together, tackling big challenges and facing financial and business choices that have succeed-or-fail stakes.

Business partners and family members in business together need help navigating these turbulent waters. Often, honest and direct communication is blocked out of a fear of injuring the working relationship, and therefore the business itself. Working with those you rely on for your livelihood requires a level of trust approaching that of a marriage. Challenges can come from differing vision and goals, loyalty conflicts, generational divides, and trust injuries.

When working with Business Partners, I bring together my former experience as an executive coach and organizational consultant with my current expertise in relationship repair to create safe spaces for tackling hard problems.

I help family businesses, business partners, and married business partners get at the root of  what they need to flourish both in business and in their relationship. I’m here to help your relationship, and your bottom line, thrive.